November 12, 2011



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Hour 1 - 2
Detlev starts the UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio Marathon, 2 hrs in German, special guest: Werner Altnickel, activist + specialist in Chemtrails, HAARP, topics: Greenpeace - a lame duck, depleted uranium, media censorship + more

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Hour  3
Detlev, Wake News Radio Don`t Buy! Don`t Comply! Ask Why!, Explains how to support the peaceful fight against the “System” of the NWO,

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Judith Hitchin explains the Magna Charta/Magna Carta. Judith begins by reading this document, designed to curb the power of King John, then moves into discussing the clauses and other Magna Carta documents, used by later monarchs who've attempted to regain that same power. This will be an ongoing part of our marathon, a historical study with far reaching affects. Knowledge is Power. Send comments and questions for Judith here:

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Hour 4-5

“Sovereign Independent” with Neil Foster featuring special repeat of an Alan Watt + Brian Gerrish interview.

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Hour 6
“Under the Weather” Bonne Hoag of From geo-engineering to Morgellon's.....are they related, what should WE know and do? Guest: Larry Kreiter

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Hour 7

Eileen Dannemman of One of the most egregious Pharma sins in modern psyche history, information that could have averted the school shootings, homicides, overdoses, & the bizarre epidemic of mentally ill in recent years has been available but it has been suppressed. Time to learn what 2D6 is and how it affects you.

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Hour 8

Vaccine Special Hal Anthony, host of “Behind the Woodshed” on  with Clint Richardson of , Clint has found that the U.S. mint and treasury makes an average of 53% interest on each dollar printed before it ever leaves the mint!!

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Hour 9
“KNOW YOUR RIGHTS SPECIAL ~ Charles Erwin starts with Burt” fills us in on the legal wondderland of confusion, as he successfully avoids fees and charges! Sharlene Holt of & Karen Tostado of join in.


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Hour 10
“Know Your Rights” Author & Speaker Charles Erwin of continues with Phil Restino of Florida Veterans for Peace, on the Occupy Movement with Author and Activist, Larry Pinkney,

Then we get into “The Case for IMPEACHMENT”

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Hour 11
Vinny Eastwood of  & , Mike Chambers of and host on along with Charlie McGrath of  discuss current topics and what it means for the world

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Hour 12
“Death to the New World Odor Report” with Matt Navarro and
Dr. Lorraine Hurley How to stay healthy and protect yourself in todays world.

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Hour 13
Vickie Barker of  &  Vickie has been on the front lines in terms of “Foreclosuregate”. Discover what she has learned in her ongoing effort to save her family home! Her guest: Kirk MacKenzie

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Hour 14
Wrap up and closing thoughts...Karen, Mark Anderson of , Max Igan of , Mike Chambers, Vickie, Matt

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